Here's a breakdown of our Dyno Route Credits pricing plans:

Credits PackPricePrice per Stop
1000 CreditsUS $4.99Approx. $0.005
3000 CreditsUS $9.99Approx. $0.003
10000 CreditsUS $19.99Approx. $0.002
24000 CreditsUS $39.99Approx. $0.0016

💡 Tips for cost-effective route planning:

  1. Purchase higher credit packs to enjoy lower prices per stop.
  2. Estimate your route needs to choose the most suitable credit pack.
  3. Unused credits do not expire, so consider getting a larger pack for future use.
  4. Monitor your credit balance in the app to plan your purchases effectively.

Optimize your deliveries while saving on costs with Dyno Route Credits. Start planning your routes more efficiently today!

🌱 Use Case Example: John, the Fresh Vegetable Delivery DriverJohn is a dedicated delivery driver who specializes in delivering fresh vegetables to 30 stops every day. To optimize his route and ensure prompt deliveries, he relies on Dyno Route Credits. With his daily volume, John can consider the following credit pack options:

  • For John's current needs: 1000 Credits ($4.99) would be a suitable choice, providing ample credits to optimize his daily route and manage his deliveries efficiently.
  • As John's business expands: If John plans to grow his customer base and increase his delivery volume, he can consider upgrading to 3000 Credits ($9.99) or even 10000 Credits ($19.99) for more cost-effective route planning and greater flexibility.

Remember, the more credits John purchases, the lower the cost per stop becomes, making it a smart investment for his business.

No matter the size of your operation, Dyno Route Credits offer the flexibility, affordability, and scalability to meet your delivery needs. Choose the right credit pack, optimize your routes, and deliver with confidence. 🚚🌟

Please note: The use case examples provided are fictional and intended for illustrative purposes only. Actual results may vary based on individual circumstances and usage patterns.