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DynoRoute recently had the privilege of partnering with Tiger Sanitation, a leading provider of tech-enabled trash valet services across the Southwest region, to overhaul their inefficient manual routing processes using our optimized software solution.

About Tiger Sanitation

Founded in 2004 by CEO Mark Johnson, Tiger has grown from a single-truck operation to a recognized leader in the Southwest valet trash industry. They now serve over 5,000 residential and 600 commercial customers across 4 counties with a fleet of 20 technologically advanced trucks.

By focusing on exceptional customer service, sustainable operations, and innovative technology, Tiger has become the valet trash provider of choice in upscale and HOA communities. They now handle over 12,000 pickups weekly between residential bins, commercial dumpsters, loose items, and seasonal yard waste.

"As a growing business, inefficient routing was eating into our productivity and profitability," explained Ryan Ferris, Tiger's VP of Operations. "We knew route optimization was necessary to unlock the next stage of operational efficiency."

Manual Routing Headaches

With 170 daily routes covering thousands of geographically dispersed customers, Tiger relied on basic spreadsheets and paper manifests for planning and dispatching. As Ryan shared, this manual approach resulted in numerous headaches:

Bloated Mileage Costing Over $200k Annually

Unoptimized manual routing meant vehicles averaged 55 miles daily in unnecessary "deadhead" mileage driving between stops. Across their fleet of 20 trucks conducting 1,200 stops daily, this excess mileage added up fast:

  • Total fleet mileage exceeded 600,000 annually
  • 215,000 miles were non-productive deadhead
  • At $0.95 per mile, deadhead cost over $200,000 annually in fuel and maintenance

Missed Service Windows Impacting 27% of Pickups

With outdated static routes on paper manifests, Tiger struggled to meet tight service window commitments, especially for commercial pickups. Nearly 1 in 4 stops experienced delays, damaging customer satisfaction:

  • On-time arrival rate languished around 73%
  • Commercial clients were avoiding renewal owing to missed windows
  • Customer churn risk was increasing

Limited Visibility into Key Operational Metrics

Minimal reporting capabilities meant key performance indicators like stops per mile, overtime wages, driver turnover, and route density couldn't be tracked. This impacted Tiger's ability to spot issues and inefficiency:

  • No data available on excess costs of manual routing
  • Management lacked insights to spearhead improvements
  • Inability to benchmark across drivers and routes

Over 30% Annual Driver Turnover

Long uncompensated hours, fatigue, and lack of real-time assistance for drivers led to high turnover:

  • Veteran drivers abandoning routes owing to burnout
  • Younger replacements quitting at high rates
  • Excess OT and hiring/training costs

The Path Forward with Route Optimization

Ryan knew route optimization software could address these manual routing limitations holding back Tiger's operational efficiency and scale. He selected DynoRoute's purpose-built platform thanks to the advanced optimization algorithms, overall configurability, and real-time driver app.

"I saw the dramatic impact software was having across competitors in the region," Ryan explained. "The 20-30% efficiency gains and reporting visibility seemed like the perfect solution for us."

Customized DynoRoute Implementation

DynoRoute's team tailored an implementation to Tiger's specific operation:

Rapid API Integration with Billing System

Connecting via API eliminated tedious manual data entry by automatically pulling customer addresses, service days, vehicle info and more into DynoRoute.

Configuring Operational Parameters and Rules

Constraints like max driver shifts, truck capacities, average travel speeds between stops, and priority service windows were dialed in so routing reflected Tiger's real-world needs and challenges.

Comprehensive Training and Self-Guided Learning

Tiger's team participated in live trainings focused on optimizing routing scenarios, making dynamic changes, and leveraging the driver mobile app. Video tutorials and knowledgebase articles enabled ongoing self-service learning.

Driver App Rollout and Transition Strategies

Drivers received hands-on training and quick reference cards on navigating optimized routes, confirming pickups, updating schedules, and more using the mobile app. Parallel paper routing enabled gradual transition.

Within 3 weeks, planners proficiently used DynoRoute for daily optimization and drivers acclimated to real-time guidance.

Transformational Results Across Tiger's Operations

Within 2 months of rolling out DynoRoute, Tiger saw remarkable results across key operational metrics:

28% Decrease in Excess Mileage Equaling Over $22k Annual Savings

Annual miles285,600205,120-80,480 mi reduced
Fuel + maintenance cost$310,000$287,500-$22,500 savings

$16,000+ Saved in Overtime Wages

Avg OT hours/driver/week7 hrs4 hrs
Est. total annual OT hours3,500 hrs2,250 hrs
Est. total annual OT wages$245,000$229,000

On-time Arrival Soaring from 73% to 96%

On-time arrival rate73%96%
Pickups delayed27%4%

21% More Stops Per Driver Daily

Avg stops per driver/shift145175

13% Reduction in Driver Turnover

Annual driver turnover32%19%

Ongoing Optimization Using Reporting and Analytics

Robust integrated reports provided visibility into additional opportunities to enhance performance in areas like scheduled maintenance, seasonal staffing, training, and technology spend.

Expanding Service Offerings Through Added Capacity

The increased per driver productivity enabled Tiger to pursue additional business and provide complementary services like on-demand junk removal using existing staff and resources.

Ryan Ferris summed up the business impact: "DynoRoute's platform delivered increased efficiency, insight, and opportunity across the board. I tell every valet owner I know that optimization is an absolute must-have."

Reimagine Your Own Operations

Like Tiger Sanitation discovered, leveraging purpose-built route optimization software can drive major efficiency gains, cost reduction, customer satisfaction, and scale for valet trash and waste pickup businesses.

See firsthand how optimizing your unique operations with DynoRoute can impact your bottom line. Start a free  trial today or request a custom demo.

Let us help you fully leverage the power of technology, gain visibility into your business drivers, and focus your time on delighting customers.

Until next time, friends! Veena signing off.

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